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IMG_1260I was born in the UK, and studied Fine Art at the Chelsea School of Art in London later completing a postgraduate teaching certificate at Middlesex Polytechnic. I have lived and worked in France and Italy since graduating and currently live in Paris.
Over the years I  have worked in many media and am currently working with acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas and paper. My paintings are mostly abstract and I think of these as a series of ‘imaginative landscapes’ often inspired by places, literature and poetry.
Process is a very important part in what I do. Everything is mutable, fluid. Nothing is fixed. My paintings are built up over a period of time, layer upon layer, one thing leading into another by way of accident, serendipity and oblique association. Themes emerging as though by chance and certain symbols taking on a language of their own.


About my working process

Essentially my works are about a process of exploration and mark-marking. I am fascinated by the limitless array and variations of ‘traces’ one can leave. A work can be triggered by reading a text or poem, listening to music, hearing something on the radio or by memories of events or people. All I know is that once I have started a series of works, I don’t know where the journey will take me, and that is what is important to me.
Art does not need to make sense, part of its power is precisely that- allowing the unconscious to play its part. Art allows us to dream, think about, and connect with something deeper, and inexplicable. And, it is this which makes it so intriguing, powerful, magical and ultimately moving. Everybody is moved by something different. The work becomes a dialogue between between myself and the materials, but also with the viewer. It is a bridge to an inner, inexplicable and mysterious world – a kind of physical exploration into thinking, feeling and communication.